Friday, May 08, 2009

the facebook thing

Totally not IF related - so if you've come here only for that, feel free to skip this one.


I'm on Facebook. Isn't everyone? I've found it to be a very cool way to reconnect, and stay connected with a lot of my old school friends, and some family members that I don't see very often. I'm not one of those people who adds everyone I've ever known, worked with, dated, been related to, etc. I only add people that I actually consider my 'friends'.

Up until recently, I hadn't gotten a friend request from anyone that I wasn't interested in adding. But lately, I've got three..

1) a cousin. she lives here in my town. we have no relationship - her mother and my father are half-siblings. They and we never got along. I don't know what she's looking for from me, and I'm afraid that if I add her then she will want to get together with me, which is something I have no interest in.

2) an old college roommate. We parted strangely. Actually, I cut her off because I felt like she was kind of stalking me. Did you ever see the movie "Single White Female"? kind of like that. She said she googled me, saw that I was on FB, and so she joined FB. eew, somebody joined FB just so they could track me down?

3) the latest and wierdest today - an old college boyfriend. He dumped me. But then he was kindof obsessed over me for years. He used to call me late at night when he was drunk and tell me what a mistake he made. He actually called me the night before his wedding. I see in his FB profile that he's married - I wonder if it's that wife.

What to do about these people? So far I have just ignored these friend requests.


Beth said...

continue to ignore if you have any doubt... that's what I do, at least! :)

JV said...

what I do is I just ignore the notification, or click ignore and move on - if I start adding everybody and then some, then what is the point? at least that is how I see it... but there are others who see FB as a networking tool so they add as many people as they can

Sarah said...

just fyi, if you click ignore, they know it and can re-request your friendship. if you actually just ignore it and leave it in your requests they can't tell you've ever seen it.

#1 - maybe she's just one of those people who wants a high friend number regardless of how well she knows them, maybe it would be harmless?

#2 - creepy! stay away!!

#3 - reminds me of some of the old high school people who come out of the woodwork and give the impression they just want people to see how great they're doing. instead of the former nerds who post muscle beach type pictures of themselves, this could be someone who embarrassed himself pining over you and now wants to show you he's happily married and doing fine?

or maybe there just is no getting over carol!