Saturday, June 06, 2009

the transfer - not what I was prepared for.

thanks to everyone for their well wishes for yesterday.

I had intended to update yesterday, but I was pretty wiped out.

The transfer was rough, I was totally not prepared for it, and it really took a lot out of me. Every transfer I've had before (6, for those who are counting), has been easy. But this time was not so.

My c-section scar apparently was in the way - she had a really hard time getting the catheter to make the turn around the scar, so she had to get out a few other instruments to try to straighten out the opening and make the turn with the catheter, and all the while having the assistant pushing really hard on my bladder, to try to use the bladder to push the uterus down a little. I was painful and took a long time. I was trying really hard to breathe through the pain, and squeezing the heck out of Jim's hand.

But, she finally got around the scar and got the catheter in the right place and got the embryos where she wanted them. I shed a few tears when it was all over, I think just finally releasing something after trying to manage through the pain.

I've had a few minor twinges today, maybe cramping or maybe just soreness from having my cervix manipulated so much yesterday. And I was completely exhausted by 9:00 last night.

The good news - the embroys looked great, one was already hatching out and the other was fully expanded and she said was getting ready to hatch. They only had to thaw two, so we still have 4 in the freezer. She said the difficult transfer shouldn't affect the outcome at all. So we'll see.

I'm trying to take it easy today - as much as is reallly possible with two toddlers. But Jim is doing his best to manage them. I think they'll probably end up watching more recorded sesame street than we normally allow, but I guess that's ok for a day. And my step-father called this morning and wanted to come for a visit on his way through town, so I had to pull a simple lunch together. But now I'm resting again with my feet up.

So now the obsessive watch for symptoms begins. I am currently not planning to POAS, but you never know...


Heather said...

I say don't POAS. It's always been bad luck to me. Sorry to hear it was such a tough transfer. Wishing you lots of luck!

PJ said...


Here from Cyclesista. I had a rough transfer a few weeks ago too. My transfer took forver, and the whole bladder thing was horrible.

I got good news today though!

Good luck!

Winnifred said...

sending happy thoughts your way!!

Ms. Perky said...

I'm so sorry your transfer was so rough; I hope it brings you good news, though!

Anonymous said...

Your transfer sounds pretty horrible.

I have my fingers crossed for you!

andi said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Sounds like your embryos are top class - that's what it is all about.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sarah said...

Oh god, how awful! My hsg was a little like that and I did have twinges afterwards from all the cervical abuse. Certainly hoping you don't have to go through it again anytime soon!

cat said...

I am so sorry that your transfer was tough but great news about the embryos. I really just wish everything goes well from now on.

Hopeful Mother said...

The transfer sounds like it was awful... who knew that a C-section scar could get in the way? Weird!

Anyway, it sounds like the embryos were doing great and hopefully will continue to do great now that they are "home."

Jaimie said...

Oh my goodness, that sound horrible! It didn't occur to me what a csection scar might do on the inside. I'll be thinking lots of possitive thoughts for you!