Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the waiting

The nice thing about a blast transfer is that the '2 week wait' is only 10 days. So that helps. I'm now on day 4 - almost half way. It really hasn't been very bad yet, not nearly has hard as my previous waiting periods. I think having two toddlers to distract you is very helpful.

I'm still mostly not planning to POAS. I don't currently have any in the house. I'm toying with the idea of buying one to use on Sunday night. My beta is monday and Jim will be in an all-day conference and we won't be able to be together for the phone call. So I might do one sunday night just so we can get a test result together. But we'll see.

I'm feeling fine. I keep thinking that I'm feeling little things - slight pulling, minor cramping. But as any of you who have been through this before will know all too well, it's so hard to say whether that really is something I'm feeling, or it's the brain playing tricks on me - making more out of little twinges that are always already there but you normally don't pay any attention to.

PIO is still going just fine. We had one instance where I think he hit a nerve or something as he went in - yowza! instant shock. So he pulled out and started over in a different spot, and all was fine. I swear by the heading pad and the smaller needle - the combination of the two makes a huge difference.

I am still wearing the estrogen patches on my stomach - 2 patches that I change every other day. Callie is very fascinated with the 'tape' on mommy's tummy - she asks for tape when she sees my patches. She's watched me get the PIO shot a couple times and I think she was very curious about that. And interestingly enough - I took them to the pediatrician last thursday for a shot (we are spacing out their immunizations, so we go every month or two for just one shot at at time), and Callie didn't even make a peep when she got her shot. Not sure if she didn't notice because the nurse was so good and fast, or maybe if watching mommy get a shot and seeing that it's no big deal maybe had some effect on her - she's a very perceptive little girl.

that's all for now...

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