Thursday, July 30, 2009

slight change in plans

Rarely in this IF world does anything progress faster than you expected. But I often seem to be the execption to the norm.

I went for my lining check this morning - it looks great at 11.4. We discussed the transfer a bit more. My RE mentioned that she wanted to make sure she had her best u/s assistant on hand for the transfer, so she could make sure that she gets the best possible view. And that tech only works on tuesday & thursday. Thursday doesn't work for us - so we're scheduled for tuesday - three days earlier than planned! I've already started the PIO - they had me do one as soon as the blood work came back this morning. The transfer needs to be done on the 6th day of PIO - so by starting today it works out perfect. And it actually works out better from a child-care perspective, as I'll have my nanny to take care of the kids rather than having to get a friend to do it.

So there you go. Transferring at 1pm PST on tuesday!


Bea said...

Best of luck for Tues. Fingers crossed for a smooth-as-silk transfer!


cat said...

Waiting for some good news, I'm sure.

T-Mommy said...

Hoping and crossing everything for a great transfer today!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! I'm so happy for you! I was diagnosed with PCOS long time ago. My only chance to become a mother was ed ivf. I had doubts. Many thoughts never left my mind! The greatest fear was that I will not be able to love child, which is not genetically related to me. It's much easier for man to accept this procedure, because a baby will be from him. As it was my only way out, I decided we should try. It was a difficult, but the result changed our lives! I wanted a baby who I will carry and give birth by myself. I wanted to be with him from the moment of his birth, from his first breath. Of course, I wanted baby to look like us. But as soon as the doctor made an embryo transfer, the only thing I was thinking about was pregnancy to be successful and my baby to be born healthy! Now, when I remember how I suffered and couldn't bear the thought that I have to resort to donor eggs, I cannot help laughing. My child is at home right now and every time I look at him, I see that every day he more and more looks like me. I raise healthy and, of course, the most beautiful baby in the world! I underwent de ivf in Ukrainian biotexcom. We asked our doctor to find egg donor, who will have same features as I have. We sent information about the desirable characteristics of the donor to the clinic. We indicated height, weight, hair color, eyes color, nose, face and lips shape. Generally saying, all features we needed. Then the clinic found three donors corresponding to our phenotypes and sent us info about them. And then we chose the one, who suited the most. Speaking about egg donors and their health. All requirements to donors were specified in the package we've chosen. First requirement is age of donor. All their donors are 18 – 25 years old. Second requirement is perfect physical and mental health. And third requirement is absence of genetic diseases in the donor and her family. So we were absolutely sure in health of our donor. Now I have absolutely no feeling that my son is not mine genetically! No one can ever tell he is from donor egg. We decided not to tell our parents the whole truth. For them we had ivf with my eggs and my husband's sperm. Girls, I wish all of you all the best!