Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm still here

I've been away for a while - we had two back-to-back vacations. First to California for 5 days to visit family, and then home for a day and then off to eastern Washington for 4 days with friends. Both trips were very fun, although not all that relaxing. Travelling with little kids rarely is I guess, and visiting with family and friends isn't either - fun, but not relaxing. We got home Monday night to a scorching heat wave. It's supposed to be 100 degrees here today. Nobody here had air conditioning, it just never gets this hot. We have one small portable unit that I have put in the kids room, and I'm contemplating sitting on the floor in there with my laptop.

In IF related news - I'm cycling again. I've been on the pill, and then Lupron, and now estrogen patches. My lining check is tomorrow, and if all goes as planned we will be transferring again next friday, August 7th.

I talked to my RE about the transfer, she said now that she knows what to expect going in, she thinks this transfer will be much smoother and faster and we shouldn't have the issues we had last time. She figured out after much trial and error last time that she needed a much stiffer catheter to straighten out the cervix and get around the c-section scar - so she'll go straight to that this time. She admitted that the only reason she can think of for the last cycle failing is that perhaps the difficult transfer caused some uterine cramping that might have affected implantation. Otherwise everything was perfect - the lining, the embryos, the embryo placement. So hopefully this time will work.

I've gone back to my old acupuncture place. Last time I had tried somebody closer to my house, I thought the convenience would help lessen the stress of having to drive all over town. But I realize now that my other place is so much more relaxing, and they specialize more in fertility, and I just feel in a much better place after leaving there. So it makes for a slightly longer day when doing the before & after transfer acu treaments, but I think it's the right thing to do.

that's all for now.


Hopeful Mother said...

Good to see you back... stay cool, and hoping for the best on this next cycle!!

cat said...

Good luck!