Wednesday, November 04, 2009

all's well, except the waiting

The transfer on monday was as perfect as it could be. The two embryos were both already hatching and looked very healthy. To my untrained eye, they actually looked better than the ones from the last two FETs. The embryologist was very optimistic and excited. We had the A-team for the transfer. My RE normally doesn't work on Monday, but she came in just for us because she knew I wouldn't want one of the other docs to do it, and she got her best u/s tech, and we had the head embryologist. He's the same one we had when we get the transfer that got us the twins, but we had not seen him for the last two transfers.

So, all the stars have aligned, everything has so far gone in our favor. I've done my acupuncture, taking my PIO, I had two very mellow days with my feet up, I've been eating my pineapple - I think I've covered all my bases.

Now just to wait. Beta is a week from tomorrow. I do not plan on testing. Hopefully the wait won't be too awful because I will be busy - I picked up a new consulting project that is keeping me busy at work, and I'll have my hands full with the kids all weekend. So the time should go by fast. I hope. Usually how this goes is that about the first half I do ok, and the last several days I start to lose my mind just a little bit. So we'll see.

I was nervous before this transfer. Way more nervous than I've ever been before. I feel like we have so much riding on this one - this is it, no more embryos. If this doesn't work then we are completely back to square one and I don't know what we'll do.

This has to work. it has to.


Anonymous said...

Hoping for you.

cat said...

Good luck and holding thumbs.

JV said...

Fingers crossed!

andi said...

I am really hoping it works for you too.

It sounds like you have everything going for you my dear.

Keep us all posted.


Hopeful Mother said...

Still hoping here.

Heather said...

Wishing you lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hope this is the one. I've been following your blog for awhile and now the disappointment well when it doesn't work. Sounds like you have everything working for you this time.

Jaimie said...

keep thinking about you and praying everything goes well.

Stephanie said...

fingers crossed!!