Wednesday, March 21, 2007

10 weeks 6 days - job, jinxing, and weight

I guess the bottom line with the job is this: I don't want to have to pound on doors and 'network' right now. I just don't want to. It's too much work and worry and stress for me right now. I will be ok with what they give me. But I guess the thing is that I have to make them believe that I am looking around and that I want more (even if don't), so that then maybe they'll be motivated to give me something that's not mediocre. So - I guess the plan (for now) is to act like I want to be agressive about it, make them believe that I really want something bigger, but in reality I plan to just take what I get and be happy with it. Make sense? maybe not. maybe it doesn't make sense to me either. It's basically impossible to get fired from this company (they're so afraid of getting sued, that you really have to screw up for a long time to get fired) - so I'm not worried about not having a job at all. Just a little worried about having a job that sucks. But I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

And of course I jinxed myself - as predicted. All that talk about feeling better. Yesterday I felt terrible again. Nauseous all day. Terrible gas pains and gas all night. and throbbing headache the last 2 nights. This morning seems better, so we'll see how today goes.

I still can't manage to gain any weight - got on the scale this morning and I am still down 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I was up a couple the other day, but seems like 1 day of feeling crummy and not eating much other than yogurt has me right back down. I'm worried that these little guys aren't getting enough nutrition from me. And I'm guessing that I'm not getting enough nutrition for myself either - possibly the cause of the headaches.

Ok, pulling myself together now... going to try to eat something more than yogurt for breakfast.


seattlegal said...

I worried about the weight gain too, but it did eventually come. At my first OB appointment with the actual OB, I had maybe gained 2-3 pounds. At the next appointment, I had gained about 18. I've now gained about 23 pounds @ week 23.

ellie said...

It all sounds good. Try not to worry about the weigh, I was reading somewhere online that the moms that lose weigh in the first tirmester catch up later on-- and the babies are fine with no impact. eat what you can when you can-- and if it gets too bad then see if they will give you something to help at the Dr. office.

Anonymous said...

Uggghhh. Blogger just ate my comment.

As I was saying, could you add something to your yogurt? One of my all time favourite breakfasts is yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. I usually make my own granola and you can add different things to make it higher in fat or calories.

I don't know if that would work for you or not. I have a couple of granola recipes, so if you are interested, email me.

Jaimie said...

I hear you on several points. I don't know why, well I have a few guesses, my boss has earmarked me for something. I think she has been grooming me for a managment position for a number of years. She keeps giving me more and more responsibility when she doesn't others. I'm sure my initial inability to say "no" came into facture there... Anyway, it didn't occur to her that I would want to have children. She almost acted shocked when it suddenly dawned on her that after I got married I might have a family. I can only hope for my dear sweet baby (which by the way I am so relieved to say I finally have felt move while typing this. It has been a week and I have been so scared) that I change my workaholic ways. I am hoping that I will redirect that energy that I have for my job to my family. I haven't had that option before!

Secondly, I feel for you. My all day nausea did get better right at 13 weeks. It was like there was a switch that was flipped. I did make three days in row without throwing up in the morning, but yesterday I made up for it. I was able to talk myself out of getting sick this morning but I have been nauseous all damn day. You just have to do what you can for eatting. Now I only have one in there, but I was down 16 this morning at 18 weeks. I just do whatever it is I can. Do they have you on Zofran or anything? Are you getting enough fluids? That might be factor in your headaches. It was recommended to me to try to drink one sports drink a day for the electrolytes, but I could only handle water. Good luck and hang in there.

Sarah said...

yeah, i think it is still early to be too worried about weight gain. it will happen. if not gaining weight due to "morning" sickness was really a problem, our species wouldn't have survived to where it is today. hey, maybe there is an evolutionary reason why it tends to go away by the second trimester, when you really need to gain weight? something to look forward to anyway. hope you get relief soon, and good luck on the job front.

thanks also for the comment on my blog!

The Town Criers said...

I lost a lot of weight with the twin pregnancy, but my OB explained that they were still getting nutrition and growing even if I was not. That they were drawing from my stores and taking the best of what I was eating before my body could take any of it. Does that make sense? So they'll still grow even if you're not putting on a ton of weight.

Nickie said...

The job plan makes total and complete sense to me, but then again, it would, wouldn't it? LOL

Don't worry about the weight gain, you're getting your vitamins in and the food you are getting down is nutritous, they'll be fine. They'll steal from you what they need. Just a first in a long series of days when your needs take a backseat to theirs. Welcome to motherhood. ;)