Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busy swimmers! 11 weeks 6 days (includes u/s pics)

Well we are just back from the NT ultrasound scan. Wow! It was amazing!

The twins were swimming all over the place. J was just blown away - he missed the last u/s, so he hasn't seen them in a month and he was just amazed. Watching them move around is so fascinating and wonderful. It's so amazing that they move so much when they are still so small. We saw arms and legs moving, a mouth open and close (I think I even saw a tongue!). The one on the left actually rolled over a couple times, and the one on the right was stretching, arching its back, and it even sort of jumping - pushing with it's legs off the bottom of the sac (I wonder if that's what I've been feeling!). I just can't even describe how awesome it was.

I'm no longer clear on which one is A and which is B. I think the one on the right is A. I guess is doesn't really matter. This ultrasound tech numbered them. And both of them are head-up now - so the one that had its head down two weeks ago has flipped over.

I don't know what the NT measurement really means - but the tech did say that they were in the normal range for their size. Here are the numbers:

twin 1 (on the right): 5.6cm crown-rump length; measuring at 12.3 weeks, NT = 1.5mm

twin 2 (left): 5.4 CRL; 12.2 weeks; NT = 1.4mm

The heart rates were both in the 160's.

Wow I feel so much better now - it's just such a sense of relief to see them looking so good. I'm really happy.

We got a few pics - but of course they just don't even come close to what it was like to see them swimming around. But they are really starting to look more and more like little humans. Especially in the third pic - of the one on the right side -it really looks like a little person.


Hopeful Mother said...

Oh my gosh! Those are awesome photos. And I can tell from the tone of your post what an amazing experience it was.

I am dying with the wait for my NT scan!!! Still 2 more weeks to go here.

I don't know how they decide A and B either - I think my 8 and 10w u/s were flipped, so I don't even know which one is which!

Your NT measurements look spot on - great news!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Carol! I know that multiples are generally labelled based on their proximity to the cervix (A being closest, or lowest down). With side-by-side it's more arbitrary. Mine started out side-by-side but are now stacked 'as if they were in bunk beds' according to the tech. What a cute image (besides, it's probably good that they get used to the bunks now -- hahaha!)!

Nickie said...

yay!!! great news! so fun to watch them moving around. And didn't I tell you about being able to see them so well on the screen?? As they get bigger they'll be more crowded and their dancing will be more 'white man's overbite' and less funky. LOL

Those NT measurements are great! Seriously. Typically, they want to see <3 and you're well under that. So great!

seattlegal said...

Great news! I love watching them move around too. The NT measurements look great!

Jaimie said...

How amazing! I can't imagine seeing two of them flip around in there. I was amazed with just one. But to see two of them going at once, wow. They are such incredible little beings (I'm getting all teary just thinking about it). My next ultrasound is in just under two weeks and I don't know how I am going to make it! I just want to see that little thing and know everything is just as it should be. I can't imagine pregnancy before ultrasounds.

Sparkle said...

Fantastic news, fantastic pics too.

They would normally give you a 1: something guide - chance of chromosomal abnormality. But since they told you it's all within normal range you can prolly assume it's in the 000s.

The Town Criers said...

The sonogram pictures are so cool!

One time when we were watching the sonogram, my daughter punched my son. His little head wobbled around for a moment and he looked around like, "who hit me?" We were yelling at our daughter on the ultrasound screen--"don't punch your brother!" It's also pretty amazing because they had this position they did a lot in the womb where he tucked his head under her chin, and they still like to get in that position when they're comforting one another.

Thalia said...

Great pictures. It's wonderful news that all three of you are doign so well. how is the nausea?

serenity said...

Fantastic news, Carol - and WOW. I can't believe how much like little people they look - and at 12w too.

I'm blown away. SO happy that things are going well for you, hon!

Karen said...

Oh my gosh! What great ultrasound pics! Sounds like things are going really well!