Monday, April 30, 2007

Poop and farts and other bathroom things - 16 weeks 4 days

So I said last week that the headaches weren't so bad? wrong. I've had this headache for days and it's killing me. And at times does make me feel a bit sick to my stomach. Sometimes tylenol helps, sometimes not. But still I am trying to get by without it, because I don't want to take too much. It just makes it hard to want to do anything except lay down and close my eyes. And really I was hoping to get more productive at this stage of pregnancy - now that I'm past the extreme exhaustion and sick stage.

New fun symptom: bad taste in the mouth. A lot of people describe a 'metallic' taste - but I don't think this is metallic. It's just gross. Like that taste you get in your mouth right before or after you barf. And lots of salivation to go along with it. It's not bad in the morning, but gets progressively worse throughout the day.

Also one I forgot to mention last week: my internal thermostat is way off. I'm running much warmer than I used to. Usually I'm always cold. Not any more. My car has one of those great climate control systems where you just set the desired temp and it takes care of everything. I used to always keep it at 73 -74 degrees, otherwise I was freezing. Now - I can't have it above 68 or I start to get hot and nauseous.

Now I don't want anything to think I'm complaining, because that's not my intent - but rather I'm just documenting the wierd experience that pregnancy is. It really is like this body I'm living in is not my own. I guess that's because it's not. Seems worth documenting. I'm not sure what I thought being pregnant would 'feel' like, but this isn't it.

My belly does seem to be changing. I still don't think it's sticking out any more. I don't have any new belly pics yet, because it really doesn't look any different from last week. But it does seem firmer. It used to seem like fat that was sticking out - it was very mushy to push on. Now when I push it is definitely getting more firm. And J says that my belly button looks different - shallower.

J has informed me that he's not so interested in hearing about my poop any more. I guess I have been a bit obsessed with my bowels - because, well, I've always been very regular in the past and I freak out when I'm not. And pregnancy does wierd things to these regular bowels. A regular day feels like a triumph for me! So I talk about it. I didn't realize that he was bothered by it. I think I figured that guys find bathroom humor funny, so hearing bathroom stuff from me shouldn't bother him, right? Well he informed me that he finds it funny when coming from a cartoon character, but not from his wife. Oops. I guess it tarnishes his image of his perfect little wife, to be forced to face the fact that I do things like poop and fart. I'll try to minimize the talk so he can keep up his lovely non-smelly image of me. :-)

But on that note - I think I mentioned that I got a new air cleaner for my allergies. Well my fancy new air cleaner has a dust sensor and an odor sensor. If you put it on the 'auto' setting - it will automatically adjust the fan up if it senses dust (pollen, etc.) or odor. Well, it works. I have it right next to my bed. And if I fart whilst laying in bed, the nose on this thing immediately detects it, and cranks up that fan! Pretty efficient. J rolls his eyes at me.

In the final bathroom note for the day: our sewer line backed up again yesterday. We don't know what causes this. (J says I use too much TP). But it happens at our house about twice a year. Everything will be fine, until it's not. There no warning, no gradually slowing drain or anything. Just all of a sudden - flush a toilet and it bubbles up in the basement shower. Quite gross. So we have to have the drain man out to snake it out. We have even had them put the camera down the drain to look for what might cause this - like a break in the pipe, or roots growing into the pipe, etc. And there's nothing, the pipe looks great. It just somehow gets clogged up with something. It's always very easy for them to clear, so whatever is blocking is not bad, but bad enough to stop the drain. We're not really sure what to do about it. At least this time we can rule out for sure that it's not clogged up with tampons - because they're haven't been any of those down our pipes for a few months now - so can't blame that one on me!


LJ said...

You can always make poop comments to me. DH and I are so silly like that.

I, for one, appreciate your noting of everything, and definitely don't see it as complaining. Just because we all work so hard to have a child doesn't mean that we won't have the same struggles when we get there.

You're doing great!

ava said...

Wow, I am so glad you posted that the air cleaner detects farts! Which is a ridiculous thing for me to say, but pregnancy has done insane things to my digestive system and poor DH has been getting the worst of it at night...methinks it's time for an air cleaner! I'll email you to find out the details :)

And as to your previous post about yoga, you can definitely go to prenatal yoga as a beginner! The classes are set up to accommodate all levels, and I find that you really do different things than in a regular yoga class anyway since you need to modify a lot of poses and it's much less strenuous than regular classes. It's absolutely something you can start doing for the first time when you are pregnant (of course check with your doc since as we know I am most definitely not one)...but I think you should be good to go! And it's so fun to see all those preggo mamas together, it's definitely good energy.

I'm glad you are doing so well :)

Hopeful Mother said...

I've been telling my husband about all my poops too... it is now a major event for someone who *used* to be very regular...

I have had a few bad headaches too, but like you, I'm trying not to take anything unless I absolutely have to.

I'm glad to hear you are doing fairly well!

Nickie said...

OMG what is the name of that air cleaner - I need one for our house. DH is bad enough, but the kid is starting to be pretty darn stinky too and he's not even 4 yet! Add this one to the mix and in a few years I'm gonna need a gas mask just to enter my home! LOL

I really really really could have used it early on in the pg - my farts could strip paint - it was horrid!

Jaimie said...

I totally agree that I don't feel like my body is my own anymore. I have no control over anything and everything is out of wack. It is terrible. My husband, on the other hand, is a very large child and would love nothing more than to discuss poop with you at great length everyday. He is even more than happy to come and encourage you when you are trying. He will get a long great with a child.