Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's a girl! - 16 weeks 5 days

I think I was dehydrated yesterday.

I had avoided drinking much on sunday - because of our plumbing issue, I didn't want to have to use the bathroom too much. And yesterday I guess I didn't have that much water either. And that headache was so awful.

Well I drank a bunch of water last night, and really didn't pee very much at all. So that's probably a sure sign that I needed the water. And the headache got much better, and is almost gone today. Also today I got on the scale and was up two pounds from yesterday - so that has to be all water!

I guess that's a valuable lesson learned - I'll try to be better about keeping up on the water. I feel so much better today.

I'm having a lot of lower abdomen discomfort today - I'm guessing it's just round ligament pain, or just abdominal muscles stretching - but if it doesn't go away I'll call the doc.

I told one friend at work yesterday. She knew we had been struggling to get pregnant, and knew about some of my failed cycles. I had kept pretty quiet for a while, just told her we had taken a break. I knew she would be thrilled for me, but didn't want to burden her with having to keep a secret at work. So I finally told her and she was thrilled - she almost thought she was going to cry. She said she had no idea - that she hadn't even remotely suspected. So I guess I've been doing a decent job of hiding it. I asked her if she had heard any speculation - if people were starting to wonder - and she said not at all. So that's good. She promised to keep it a secret until I'm ready to break the news broadly.

And the big news today - my sister found out she is having a girl! Very exciting! (sorry to tease - you didn't actually think that was my news did you??)


Nickie said...

Um yeah! I totally thought it was your news! I thought the dehydration bit was a lead in to needing to go in for an u/s and accidentally finding out one of them.

Congrats to your sister though, even if you end up with double blue, you'll be able to enjoy shopping for pink!!

Now, go drink some water.

Bea said...

I did, actually - I won't be able to trust you again!

Hope you don't get too many aches and pains coming your way.


Anonymous said...

My initial reaction was if one is a girl, what is the other?

Enjoy your water!

Twisted Ovaries said...

You're the one other person I know who isn't planning to find out the sexes, so I thought: Oh no. She's gone to the dark side!

(Not that finding out the sex of your children is a Dark Side thing. It's just a metaphor, I promise.)

Karen said...

I was not fooled! I couldn't figure out how you could have "it's a girl" when you're having twins... either "they're girls" or "it's a girl and a ..." or something would have made me think it was your news!

I'm not planning to find out the sexes of my triplets either. I figure my life will be upside down with three babies no matter what they are, so it won't matter whether they're boys or girls!