Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sorry to tease ;-) - 16 weeks 6 days

Ok, that was a dirty trick I played on you all yesterday, to tease you like that. Sorry. ;-)

We are still planning to not find out the sexes. We have another big ultrasound on friday, and the doc said that we should be able to find out at this u/s if we wanted to. So we will make sure to tell the tech that we don't want to know. Of course we realize that we might inadvertently see something, with all the ultrasounds we are getting, and that's fine. But we don't plan to try to find out.

And I think my sister's news will help to get my mother and sisters off my back about this - now they can at least shop for pink things for her.

My fart-sensing air cleaner seems to be a big hit. So here is where you can find it.

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Matthew M. F. Miller said...

If our persnickety reproductive organs ever decide to allow for conception, I would like to think I'd keep the sex a secret.

This coming from a couple that once opened Christmas gifts the day after Thanksgiving.

My wife and I aren't the patient kind, but I applaud your decision.