Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ahh, the inevitable - 29 weeks, 6 days

Ahh yes, the inevitable - I have my first stretch marks. They've been gradually appearing for the past week or two. At first I wasn't quite sure, it was a very faint thing that looked like a pale bruise. But now it is clearly a stretch mark. Both sides of the lower half of my belly. Oh well. I will wear them proudly.

I frequently visit a twins discussion board. And in reading that board, I was warned early on to expect people to make negative comments when they heard I was pregnant with twins. People report getting comments like "you poor thing", "I feel sorry for you", "better you than me", etc. Other moms report hearing these comments from friends, co-workers, strangers, etc. For me, it has mostly not been the case. All my friends and co-workers, and even strangers, have been very positive and excited. The one person I have heard these kinds of comments from has really been one of the last people I would have expected - my mother in law. She's always saying things like "oh you poor thing". why? I feel great. And I remind her of that every time she says it. She tends to be a negative, glass half-full, type of person anyway. So I try to just take it in stride coming from her. But still, it's seems odd.

She's also the type of person who is always making subtle little passive agressive comments. She made some wierd comment about how she wonders if J will even call her when the babies are born. huh? Why wouldn't he? And at one point the subject of the baby registry came up - and she says "oh, well I didn't know you were registered. You didn't tell me." Well lady - you didn't ask. I had always understood that it was bad etiquette to just tell people where you're registered - it's like asking for gifts. You tell people if they ask. And she didn't ask. You'd think that she'd assume we were registered and ask where, if she wanted to know. And actually - now that I think of it - I had mentioned on my other "public" blog about registering - and I send her links to the blog all the time because that's how I share the latest u/s pics with family. So if she had actually read the blog, then she would have know that we had registered, and maybe she would have asked where. But I think she'd rather sit back and have another excuse to feel sorry for herself. Oh well. Most of the time she's a very nice lady and pleasant to be around, it's just occasionally she gets into these wierd states.

I had my second baby shower on Sunday. I was super fun. 14 people, which was just a perfect size. My two friends who threw the shower had a lot of fun planning it, they had lots of yummy food. I got more great gifts. I'm pretty well set on clothes now, I think I have plenty to get us started for the first month or so, and I want to hold off on getting any more clothes until after they are born and we know what they are. I have a small pile of things to return - things I think I have too many of. Like one friend gave me two baby bathtubs. It was a cute gift - each tub was packed full of stuff. But in reality I think there's no way I need two tubs. I also am overflowing with burp cloths, and baby washcloths, so I will be returning a few of them. And sleep sacks. That seems to be the new hot thing, and I've got too many newborn size ones.

Anal as I am - of course I have a whole spreadsheet for all this. I have tabs for baby gear, clothes, etc. And I have listed out what I need, what I already have, etc. But it helps me get a little contol over the potentially overwhelming shopping situation. And as I review my sheet now - I'm feeling in pretty good shape. I have a fairly short list of must-have items that I still need to get.

My biggest open issue - is the infant car seat decision. I think I've narrowed it to two. One is more expensive but seems nicer, and also has the ability to use it in a car without the snap in base, which seems like it could be a good idea in a transportation emergency. The other requires a base, is more basic in design, but lots less expensive. And I really can't decide - is it worth paying the extra money (a total of $150 for two). We're taking a class on proper car seat use and installation in a few weeks, so we'll probably wait until after that to decide.

I also still need to decide on another stroller. In our multiples class last week - we had a bunch of twin (and one triplet) moms come as guest speakers. They gave all kinds of little tips and advice. One of the big tips they had was that you should get both a twin and a single stroller. They said that there will be lots of times when it is easier to have one baby in the pack and one baby in a single stroller - they all said a single stroller is an absolute must have. So - now that's something I need to decide on too. And actually - the triplet mom said that she thinks with trips you must have a triple, a double and a single stroller!

My weight gain has really slowed. This concerns me a little, but the doc seems to think it's just fine. One of my friends even told me that I look like I've lost weight in my butt. At my last appointment, I had only gained 1 lb in 2 weeks. The twin books and our class instructor said that we should be gaining 1.5 pounds a week at this point. But I just can't eat that much. I have very little appetite. I feel fine, great actually. I'm just not very hungry. I'll eat anything you put in front of me, but I have a hard time getting motivated to get myself any food. I guess if the babies are growing fine, then that's really what matters. And we have another detailed u/s next week to check their growth.

Ok, that's enough random rambling for one day...


Cathy said...

For what its worth, I thought the snap in base on was great. That way transfer of the babies (who hopefully will be sleeping some of the time) is much easier and the carriers are a convenient way to simply carry them around or have them somewhat upright if reflux is an issue. (I only had one so don't know if juggling 2 carriers would be "easy.")

Karen said...

If the money isn't a huge, huge issue, you should get whichever car seat is easiest to use. You want to use the base whenever possible, but there may be times when it's better to have the option of not having to move the base also. (And purchasing an extra base may or may not be an option depending on the car seat, and is often just as expensive, so keep that in mind too!)

I would kill to see that spreadsheet of yours! I'm having the hardest time figuring out what I do or don't need.

Re: strollers... for twins I absolutely agree that you're best having a twin and single stroller. Obviously I'm expecting triplets, and while I see the argument for a triple, double AND single, I'm not sure I agree with it (particularly in OUR house where our space is somewhat limited already). But most twin moms I know totally have a double and single stroller (there might be times when you take one out and leave another at home with Dad... gives you each bonding time with one at a time, so don't overlook that possibility either).

Jamie said...

I found the book "Baby Bargains" to be very helpful with making some of the "big decisions". We went with the moderately priced Graco Snugride infant seat because of its safety rating. I'll probably do the Britax Marathon when he is a bit older. Definitely check into the book though -- lots of good money saving tips and safety advice.

Heather said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I agree having both a double and single stroller sounds worth it. And definately wait until the class to decide on the infant car seat. Believe it or not, we didn't get ours until the day she was to come home. We never planned to get an infant carrier and just bought a convertable car seat and had it turned rear-facing. Our family always has such big babies, we didn't think we'd get a month out of the infant carrier. But then she was 4 weeks early and I knew she was too tiny for the larger car seat, I sent DH to the store the day she was transferred from one hospital to the next.

Sarah said...

your excel file sounds like something i would do...maybe i have my next project!

and i have to echo the comment on the baby bargains book, it was really helpful to me too.

seattlegal said...

Hmm - I hadn't thought of having a single stroller, but hearing what you said and other commenters have said, it makes sense.

I have a snap in base car seat and like it, but both sound like they could be good.

Regarding stretch marks, I didn't get mine until about week 28 or so so when you mentioned a while back that you haven't got any, I thought of saying something but didn't want to depress you, but it sounds like you're o.k. with it as was I. They've mostly disappeared too.

Meg said...

sound like you are hanging in there!! I accidently deleted my blog heres the new address

A said...

Aha, stretch marks...I keep checking and so far so good, but I doubt I'll make it out of pregnancy unmarked! What a badge of honor though, especially after everything you went through to get here :)

The car seat decision was pretty easy for me -- I wanted an infant seat (not convertible) and I wanted the highest rated one. We are getting the Snugride, with an extra base for G's car. The extra base is about $40 so it's not too bad. And there are tons of color/fabric options, which of course I liked!

Also I second (third?) the Baby Bargains recommendation, it's a great book.

And I had to laugh about the spreadsheet! I'd love to get a copy of it of course :)

30 weeks mama!!