Friday, September 07, 2007

just waiting. 35 weeks 1 day

Not much excitement to report around here.

We are totally ready to go, and are now just in waiting mode.

But nothing is happening. The weekly OB visits are still the same - cervix holding strong, babies look good, minimal contractions. We've had 2 NSTs now and both were great. The contractions I do have seem to be getting stronger, more intense, but I'm still not having any more - just a handfull throughout the day, a few more in the evening.

Next week we go for a final growth ultrasound. We're very curious to see what the estimated weights are. At the last one - it will have been 4 weeks - they were about 4lbs and 4.5lbs. So we're wondering if either/both will be over 6lbs now.

We actually do have a c-section scheduled. I'm hesitant to talk about it. It feels very strange to schedule such a thing - knowing the day your babies will be born seems very wrong to me. I always thought it would be a big surprise - to not know when you would go into labor. But, since Baby A is still breech, and likely smaller than Baby B - we are most likely having the C-section. So we went ahead and scheduled it. Oh, what's the date? You really want to know?

Friday. September 21. Two weeks from today!!! YIKES! 12:30pm PST.

This does make me even more glad that we didn't find out the sexes of the babies. Because now not even the birth day is a surprise. So at least we get one surprise in this pregnancy.

We have chosen not to tell anyone that we have scheduled the delivery date. So you are sworn to secrecy, my dear blogging friends. We are just sticking to our story that the doc won't let us go past 38 weeks, but other than that we are waiting to see if I go into labor or if anything starts to happen, or if the doc decides he wants to take them out sooner. We will call family in the morning of that day, and just tell them that the doc has decided that today's the day. Then my mother will book herself a ticket, we will encourage her to book it for the next day.

And now that we know the date, it feels like we are both just sitting around tapping our toes waiting for it to come. The next two weeks is going to be long. We have nothing left to do, and we are really anxious to meet these babies.

I will be a little sad to not be pregnant any more. I'm not wishing the pregnancy to be over. Even though I am having a harder time getting around now, I still have enjoyed this miracle of being pregnant. But I am getting excited to meet these babies. J is getting very excited - every day now he says he wishes they would just come now, because he is so anxious to just have them. It's really sweet actually - how badly he wants these babies.

But really, all is quiet here. just waiting...


Anonymous said...

I think September 21 sounds like a perfect day to have some babies!

You really are good at the whole pregnancy thing, even with twins. I am glad that this pregnancy has gone well for you and can't wait to hear about the little ones arrival.

Anonymous said...

Only two more weeks, wow! I know you two are excited to meet your little ones. I can't wait to hear about your first days with your babies! I hope that next week's ultrasound shows them both still growing well.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way scheduling a c-section, like the baby didn't get to chose their own birth date. Then my mom asked if I was supset about my birth date - I said no - she reminded me tat she was induced, so I didn't "pick" the date I arrived... so, it all works out. BTW, out of 3 scheduled c-sections, I never made it to THE day ;) -Kelly in MO.

Bea said...

Good luck for the 21st! Don't worry - I won't tell.


Sarah said...

oh my gosh, how HUGELY exciting!!!!! i bet the two weeks will feel like forever and how rewarding it will be to finally meet them face to face!

Heather said...

The anticipation is building!!! September 21st is a great birthday. Lots of luck.

Nickie said...

so excited for you. try not to lket him rush these last two weeks, the madness will begin soon enough!!

and I'm another example of someone who didn't make it to the scheduled date, so try not to fret, these babies might well yet pick their own bday!! Tristan sure did, the stinker! (7/6/07 - what a boring bday when he could have had 7/7/07!)

Thalia said...

What a plethora of babies due that week in our community. I agree with you, it's odd to have a date, and curiously unsatisfying. But I believe what everyone tells me, it won't matter once we get to hold them.

seattlegal said...

2 more weeks! I'm glad things are going o.k. I was wondering how you were doing! I can't wait to hear how big your babies are estimated to be now!

I never got to scheduling my date - the babies (well, Ella really) had their own idea on when to come.

A said...

Aaaah, the waiting is the hardest part! I feel like I'm on serious wait mode and I don't even know when my baby will decide to come, I can imagine it's that much harder when you DO know when they're arriving!

Hang in there and try to just savor these last few days of couple-hood and pregnancy...take more belly pictures and savor the wiggles and rolls in your belly. Before you know it you'll be holding your cute little babies and life will have changed forever :)

I will be thinking of you on the 21st!