Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back at work

Day 2 back at work and it's going just fine so far.

Actually, leaving yesterday was easier than I thought it would be. I feel so confident with our nanny, I know they are in good hands. And I will confess, it was nice to have a little break from all day baby everything. I actually felt more rested at the end of the day than I have in a while. I'm sure that won't always be the case - once I really get ramped back up at work I'm sure I will have very crazy days - trying to squeeze everything into as short of a work day as I can manage. No more staying late to get things done - I have to be out of here on time every day.

I'm lucky that my workplace is very mom friendly. Every building has these 'new mothers rooms', where you can set up your stuff and pump. There are two desks in the room, with a privacy curtain for each. A lamp, an outlet for your pump. And a small fridge to store your milk for the day. It makes pumping at work so easy. I can pump in my own office when I'm there, and I have a fridge in my office, but I spend a lot of time in other buildings for meetins, so it's nice to have an easy way to pump.

The babies are having fun with the nanny - yesterday she read books, blew bubbles, played the flute, took them for a walk, did infant massage and baby sign language. She does way more stuff than I ever would have thought of. And she did our laundry, emptied the dishwasher, emptied all the trash cans, shook out my kitchen rugs. We're rapidly falling in love with her. I thought she was pretty expensive at first, but I can now see that we are definitely getting our money's worth.

She makes it easy for me to just come home and enjoy the babies - I don't have to worry about trying to get some of those chores done in the evening.

I still need to figure out how to manage dinner time better - so far it's just a big scramble to figure out what to eat for dinner when I get home. I need to develop a system where I figure it out ahead of time, and maybe to the prep ahead of time, so that it's easy and fast to put on the table when I get home.


Bea said...

Definitely prepare-ahead. I recommend casseroles. Cook one night (at your "leisure"), eat another. There's often not that much work involved, just the cooking time. That's my immediate thought, anyway.


Heather said...

Glad to hear everything is going well as you go back to work. Your nanny sounds like a gem, and I'm sure lots of us would like to know if she can be cloned!

I'm also glad your work is good to working new mothers. I love knowing that companies are supportive of this time in our lives. Mine is pretty great too. We even have a backup day care center on site and a "back-to-work" program where the babies can be there for eight weeks when you come back to the office from leave.

Also an idea for easy dinners. My DH has gotten into a great habit this fall/winter of making a pot of soup on Sunday. It makes for an easy soup and salad/sandwich dinner at least one or two nights, especially those nights that you just want to crash. He's made chili, Italian wedding soup, chicken noodle and this week was French onion. I'm having it at lunch right now. So yummy!

seattlegal said...

That's great that going back to work has gone well. It's wonderful that your workplace has those rooms - mine has special rooms for moms to pump, but they are rooms everyone else can use too if it's open. I wish they had a better place for that.

As for dinners, we're still trying to figure that one out. I like Heather's idea above. We've tried things like that and it helps a lot when we do manage to get something cooked on Sundays. We usually try to make a lasagna or some type of casserole dish. Soups sound good too.

Watson said...

I am jealous, you have such a good, healthy attitude about going back to work and seem to be handling it soooo well.

Unlike me, who is just exhausted and a total wreck.

(Not that I'd be good at staying home full-time either, mind you. I'm just not happy with anything these days!)

But everyone says it takes a few weeks to adjust and that in time, things fall into place.

I'm also having issues with the dinnertime problem, not being organized or wanting to cook when I finally get home...can your Nanny do any cooking or even prep work for you?

In the past, I've made tons of stuff in the Crock Pot, which is great b/c you just plug it in in the AM and it's done by the end of the day, plus it usually makes enough for leftovers!

Send me some of your healthy, well-adjusted Working Mom vibes, okay??


imagoii said...

Remember to write about it when you get that dinner thing working... I could really use some help ... thank goodness the hubby is a super good cook and has so far just sort of taken it all over for me! :)