Wednesday, May 28, 2008

is this week over yet?

The fact that I'm even taking the time out to write this is insane. I have no time. But I feel the need to stop and catch my breath for a minute.

We're getting by this week with a temp nanny whom I actually like a lot. We will definitely consider hiring her permanently, once I figure out what I'm doing with my job.

I talked to my boss - she is on board with me switching to a part time role. But there's lots of legwork involved - I need to figure out what my options are, meet with HR, etc. It will take some time. So we have this temp nanny full time for a few weeks, and then we'll decide what we're hiring for once I know what my work schedule will look like.

This all has terrible timing - as this is my busiest week at work in like 3 years. I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water - trying to juggle this busy week, when it's already a short week, and I'm trying to spend a few hours each day at home with the temp nanny. Because I'm not the type to just have a new nanny show up and I walk out the door. Tomorrow will be another crazy day at work, but then hopefully things will get back to a normal pace - we're just in last minute crunch mode for a big project, but once we get past a few deadlines, things should be much calmer.

Next week I have to go on a short business trip. It will be my first time away from the babies. I'm not looking forward to it at all. There's whole post in that, which I'll take some time to put to words maybe while I'm travelling.

In other news: my babies are totally anti-social! We had a friend come over this morning with triplets who are basically the same age as my two. (born a week before, but at 34 weeks, so older by birth date, younger by gestational age, you get it). And my two normally sweet and happy babies - they cried basically the whole time. Daniel was downright mad. He yelled at me! And as soon as the triplets left - my babies were as happy as could be. WTF?? Do they really need to be socialized at 8 months old? I had no idea that they could be that way. Really, I was shocked. So now, on top of all the other shit I need to get done - I gotta figure out a way to get these babies a little more social interaction with other babies. I don't want to raise a couple of antisocial little hermits.


cat said...

Don't worry too much about the babies being what seems "unsocial". Remmeber that they already have a build-in best friend for life and that they have to learn to play with others. It will come in time.

Heather said...

I agree. Don't worry about them being antisocial. Even if they were in a good mood. Babies and toddlers only do side-by-side play until they are between 2-3 years old. Only then will they actually play with each other.

Glad to hear the temp nanny is great. Hang in there with the part time paperwork. Everyone I know that has gone down to part time for their babies appreciates it once it's finalized. Sorry to hear you're traveling next week. I hope it flies by quickly.

seattlegal said...

I've heard the same from many other parents that they'll be more social the older they get. My twins see other children 5 days a week at the daycare and most of the time, they prefer to play alone, with each other, or an adult.

I had a few friends over with children slightly older than mine, and there wasn't much interaction among all the babies except to push one child out of the way so they could go to the thing they wanted.

And when you are less busy, perhaps we can try to get together again and our babies could meet. :-)

The Dunn Family said...

hehe ... Babies are crazy. Mine can still act the same way. They will be as social and happy as can be at home, then we go somewhere and they just want to sit with me. I think it's VERY normal.

I'm just catching up on all the nanny-craziness! I'm sorry for what you dealt with, but I am so glad to read that the part-time nanny is a success! Best of luck with the work changes!

Sarah said...

they're exactly the right age to start acting that way according to my pediatrician who warned us of the same thing. it's totally normal and they grow out of it with no special effort on your part.

the only good thing about being swamped at work is hopefully the time away from the babies passes quickly and maybe you feel like you can linger moreover the moments you have with them. good luck with it all!

Kelly said...

Thinking of you during this crazy time...

Bea said...

The week is over! Hope next one is smoother - sounds like it will come together sooner or later.


Marie-Baguette said...

don't worry. I am sure they had a melt down because there was just too much going on. They were overwhelmed. And I am sure you and your husband were both nervous, which they must have perceived somehow (babies are so good at picking up your mood) and they got stressed out. It is very normal. And small babies don't play with each other. We regularly have play dates and the babies barely look at each other, except that one will want to play with whatever toy the other kid has. So they usually fight for the toys. One likes to play with other people's hair and another likes to bite ears (?). You can imagine how not happy the babies get!

Helen said...

I agree with the others - my babies go to nursery but really only prefer to play by themselves (they don't even really play with each other!)

I too am swamped with work, babies, home, everything. I'll pour you a drink. We could both use one.

Hang in there, babe. I honestly think you're doing a great job.

Tinker said...

Babies go through an anxiety phase about this time. It sounds like yours have hit it.

Hopefully things are settling a bit at your place (between business trip, deadlines, and the nanny.

As for those size 6 jeans -- YAY! It would be great if you'd share a photo of you in them.