Tuesday, January 06, 2009

updates and happy new year

Hiya. Sorry I've been away.

I'd say I'd been busy with the hectic holidays and such, but in reality our holidays were the opposite of hectic. It was quiet and mellow and we did lots of sitting around, hanging out, playing with babies, having family time. It was perfect. So I suppose my excuse for not blogging was that I was spending time with my family, not in front of the computer.

Lots to update on Danny, but I'll safe that for another post in detail. The short version is that we're moving forward with early intervention, more testing, and working on a schedule for lots of therapy. But in the mean time - he has started pulling himself to standing, which nearly brought tears to my eyes. And he's even managed a little bit of 'cruising' - he'll take few very wobbly steps along the couch to reach a coveted toy.

Both babies are a little sick now. And as the bad mother that I am, I didn't even notice it. The pediatrician pointed it out at their 15 months checkup yesterday. They have some kind of little virus that causes painful sores in their mouths. I thought they were teething - didn't want their mouths messed with, little bit of a fever, fussy, not much appetite. But no, they have sores (she called them ulcers) in their mouths. There's no treatment other than lots of fluids and let it run its course. Poor little guys. Danny's mouth is so swollen it looks like his teeth have receded halfway back into his gums. How I didn't notice this I'm not sure.

We are weaned. The babies have weaned me. I hear so many stories of moms deciding to wean their baby, and the baby tugging at the shirt and crying, wanting to nurse. But for us it's the opposite. These poor critters keep getting boobs shoved in their faces, boobs that they have no interest in any more. So it's them telling me no, rather than me having to tell them no. I guess maybe that makes it easier? Certainly easier for them, but I'm not sure if it's easier for me. It feels sad. Callie had been nursing once a day the last few weeks, just for a few minutes. But with this little sore mouth business she has not been interested at all. So I guess I've accepted the fact that it's over. I'm consoling myself with the thought that my breastfeeding days are not completely over, just over for now...

In fertility and baby making news... I just hung up the phone with the fertility clinic, and made an appointment for Feb 11th to go meet with the RE and talk about using up a couple of our frozen embryos. Funny thing is, as much as I've talked about wanting to do this, making the call made me very, very nervous. The last time I remember this kind of nervous feeling was the day I went to hospital for my C-section. It's wierd. I'm not sure why I'm nervous. Or maybe it's nervous excitement. But then there's the little questioning in the back of the head of am I crazy, is this the right thing to do, am I getting greedy and won't have it so easy the next time, etc., etc.

and in 'packing on the pounds because it's the holidays news'. I've gained a whopping 7 pounds. shit! I have been living the live of sloth and gluttony this past month or so. Figuring it was the holidays so it was ok to indulge. But man the pounds came on so easy and quickly. And as I am determined to never again weigh what I weighed before, I am now trying to be very careful about what I eat. I want to give those 7 back and not see them again until I am pregnant. I think it's mostly the snacking that got me, so snack time is over for me.

many more rambling thougths in my head. but that's enough for now. back at you later.


Sarah said...

piper weaned herself too. it was kind of sad for me but i'm sure easier than the other way around. and i totally understand the nervousness calling the clinic. it's no small thing welcoming all THAT back into your life. good luck, and great to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Carol, how exciting that you'll be working on another one! I found it both familiar and strange at the same time to go back to my clinic after having a baby. It's just as fun when you get back at it because there are things you know you'll never forget and others you're surprised to have already forgotten.

Kudos on the nursing too. I weaned each of my kids to start on the next one, but this last one will have the opportunity to wean herself. We'll see how that goes.

Looking forward to the update on your little ones!

Beth said...

Glad you guys had such nice holidays. That's wonderful news about Danny pulling up! Hope all his therapy is going well.

I understand your feelings about meeting with your RE. I feel the same way... it's such a mixed bag of feelings, isn't it?

Happy New Year to you all!

Anonymous said...

I can't even fathom calling me RE ever again. Nope! Not this little grey duck. I am DONE!

Do glad to hear that you had a real family Christmas. That is what it is supposed to be about. (We dragged the kids across the state to my parent's house for the last time. They retire in the spring and are moving here.) I would have preferred to stay home and had a nice quiet holiday, but alas, I am a glutton for punishment!

Happiest of New Year's wishes to you!!


beagle said...

Happy New Year to you also . . . glad your Christmas was good!

And the clinic thing . . . you have my best wishes and admiration. I cringe a bit when I drive past mine.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear Danny is making progress.

Happy New Year!

JV said...

My baby weaned herself at about 10 months, and I let it happen because I was going to wean her a couple of months later in order to try to give her a sibling. It did hurt my feelings, but I rationalized that I had enough milk in the freezer to make it to a year, with some supplementing, and that helped. Overall, though, I am deeply grateful that it happened that way, because I am such a softie, and I wonder how I would have managed with a baby crying and begging to nurse. I feel lucky that not a single tear was shed on either end. You did an amazing job breastfeeding your twins for so long - I'm sure you're proud, as you should be! Glad that Danny is pulling up, and big news about the call to the RE. I made my RE call a few weeks ago, and need to go in for tests tomorrow, and I also feel very mixed about it...

cat said...

Gosh, things are really moving on! So glad Danny is progressing so well.

Bea said...

Gosh everyone's coming along!

And wow... starting again... good luck with the appointment.