Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what a week

Having a hard time finding even a few minutes to write a blog post. This week has got me pretty stressed out.

Work was quiet for a while but last week it got busy again. Callie had eye surgery on friday - to open her clogged tear duct. the kids started preschool which requires me to go two mornings a week. I'm in a bit of a war with my dad (very long story) which just makes me irritable and emotional. Jim's mom is staying with us because she had to come over for some skin cancer surgery so I'm having to cook family dinners every night (and she tried to drive home today but got turned around because the mountain passes are closed so she will try again tomorrow). My allergies are acting up. We're trying to figure out whether our nanny is the right nanny for the coming year (not the motivation level we'd like to see for active toddlers, and she can not show up for work on time to save her life.). We've got a bit of a credit mess with Jim's ex-wife that put our refi plans on hold. Jim is super overwhelmed with his job, and he's been getting home late every night and leaving before the kids get up most mornings, so I'm managing the household mostly by myself, but I can't really complain to him about it because he is not happy that he's basically only seeing the kids on the weekends, so there's no point in making him feel worse than he already does.

So anyway I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed with life this week and would really like to just crawl in my bed and sleep for a couple of days, or escape from it all and have a nice cup of tea with a friend. I feel like I need to catch my breath. But, have to pull myself together and make dinner instead. You know how it is.

In other news... I had my SIS (saline injection sonogram) test today, and all is well with the ute. We're clear to move ahead with our FET cycle.

back to the chaos now...


Jaimie said...

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, sounds like it's not so fun right now. Maybe you could find an hour or so to get away with a friend by taking the kids to lunch when your MIL leaves?

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sorry to hear you're having such a terrible week! You know it will get better. I'd love to hear your thoughts on preschool for the young ones...I'm not even looking at that yet (my girl twins are also 18 months) but would love to know if you think it's beneficial because I feel my kids could use some more structured learning. Hang in there! Michele in Atlanta