Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the procrastination

wow, I am seriously procrastinating today. I have work I need to do, to present for a meeting tomorrow, that I haven't even started. Perhaps just a little bit of 2ww obsessing is starting to creep in after all, because I have gotten sucked into the blogosphere rabbit hole in a bad way. But the good news is that I have been catching up on a lot of blogs that I have terribly neglected in recent months.

Along the lines of neglect - my sidebar was in a terrible state of woe. I had people listed as pregnant who delivered a baby over a year ago - so that gives you some idea of how long it's been since I've updated it. I'm sorry to say that a lot of the blogs I used to read appear to no longer be active, I hope those bloggers are doing well. Anyway - I've taken down all my blog lists and I will be rebuilding my list of links ASAP.


Rachel said...

I loved to be included on your new blogroll. Longtime lurker and I very much enjoy reading about your family and am wishing you the best of news on this cycle.

Heather said...

If I'm not on your blogroll, please add me too. I'm not going anywhere. I hope the 2ww goes quickly and that you get the news you want.

T-Mommy said...

Good to hear you are feeling well, and hoping for great news in the days to come.

How is Danny doing???.... Let us know a little update when you can if you don´t mind.

cat said...

Good luck with everything!