Thursday, June 18, 2009


Infertility.... depressing devastating exhausting not fair expensive painful disruptive discriminatory lonely isolating time consuming hard on relationships hard on your body hard on your soul draining unmotivating sad


...leaves scars emotional

...makes you angry

...makes you doubt yourself

...makes you want to crawl in a hole

...makes you jealous

...makes you judgemental

...makes you feel like a failure

Oh, and did I mention - Infertility SUCKS!

Feel free to join my pity party and add to the list.


Peaches said...

...gets harder each cycle
...causes envy of your closest friends misunderstood by fertile, well meaning, friends and family

Great thread---you put words to my feelings (although not sure if that is good at this moment!LOL!)

Winnifred said...

OMG -- are you in my head??? I just had a melt down about 30 minutes ago and yelled most of those things out loud... :(



Anonymous said...

You've just written everything that I've ever felt about infertilty. Great post. It suck so much that we have to experience all of those things. Hugs to you.

Jaimie said...

I'm so sorry...

Anonymous said...

I hear you and feel you and I hate to hear you are going through these emotions again. Just be very kind to yourself and get some of that terrific confidence back so your next batch will result in those twins you want. I don't think you are stupid at all for being confident and making plans...I am convinced my own faith/confidence that I would be pregnant led to my twin girls. Lots of folks are thinking of you and looking for the positive results to come...Michele in Atl.

Anonymous said... not fair.